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Power boats

An unforgettable experience is without a doubt our biggest priority. That´s why we make sure that our transportation not only takes us to the astonishing canals of the Tigre Delta but deliver all the comfort and luxury as well.

Quicksilver 2400

Lenght:  8m/26 ft.

Beam:  3m/9.8 ft.

Top speed:  38 knts

Max. capacity:  6 passengers

Alpha 2800 Sport Cruiser

Lenght:  8.7m/28.5 ft.

Beam:  2.9m/9.5 ft.

Top speed:  35 knts

Max. capacity:  8 passengers

Mediterranean 425

Lenght:  13m/42 ft.

Beam:  3m/9.8 ft.

Top speed:  32 knts

Max. capacity:  8 passengers

Classic wooden trawler

Lenght:  15m/49 ft.

Beam:  4m/13 ft.

Top speed:  10 knts

Max. capacity:  12 passengers

Classic wooden double bow

Lenght:  15m/49 ft.

Beam:  5.5m/18 ft.

Top speed:  8 knts

Max. capacity:  24 passengers

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